An open joint in a chimney.

FireGuard Ceramic Joint Repair

The patented FireGuard pure ceramic system is certified, listed, and labeled to the previously published U.L. Subject 2425 by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratory Inc. (ISO 17025). The FireGuard system is specifically designed to correct open mortar joints, misaligned flue liners, and fractures within flue liners. The FireGuard system is the only certified, ceramic resurfacing and mortar joint repair system employing pinpoint vibration, which promotes maximum penetration of tight mortar joints and fractures, and a consistent coat distribution for resurfacing. Without pinpoint vibration, the ceramics do not penetrate tight openings nor form a solid, consistent coating over surfaces.

Open joints between flue liners and fractures in flue liners create dangerous openings within the chimney system. These openings can allow carbon monoxide to escape the chimney and flammable creosote (by-products from wood combustion) to build-up between the outside of the flue lining and the inside of the chimney casing. Should these flammable deposits ignite, the heat and quite possibly the flame could transmit to the dwelling. As recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency 211 – Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances, "If the flue liner in a chimney has softened, cracked or otherwise deteriorated so that it no longer has the continued ability to contain the products of combustion (i.e., heat, moisture, creosote, and flue gases), it shall be either removed and replaced, repaired, or relined."

Before the introduction of the FireGuard pure ceramic system, the only option was to reline the flue, which is dramatically more expensive and may decrease the performance or “draw” of the flue. The FireGuard system seals the flue throughout the entire flue area. The unique chemical and physical properties of the FireGuard pure ceramic material and the method by which it is applied produce heat, acid, and water resistant surfaces that decrease dangerous heat transfer and virtually eliminate gas seepage through the flue liners. The FireGuard system can be installed in any size or shape flue liner.

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