Chimney Inspections

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Chimney Camera Inspections

Recent advances in technology now allows us to take a close up look at the entire length of the chimney flue from bottom to top. This is done courtesy of the chimney video camera. This rugged little device has a robotic lens which can not only see in low light conditions, but that also can be rotated for 360 degree views of the flue interior. Thanks to this camera we can now inspect the flue, inch by inch, and determine if it is in a safe, useable condition, or whether it needs to be repaired, relined, or rebuilt.

Question: When do I need to have my chimney video inspected?

Answer: There are multiple reasons for flue video inspections. They include:

  1. When buying a new home. If it has a fireplace, its very wise to have it video inspected. Cracked flues or missing joints can cost a lot to replace or repair. We are talking on average -- $2,500.0 - $7,500.00. that’s a big regret if not detected prior to settlement.
  2. To look for damaged after either a lightning strike or a chimney fire. These are both insurance covered events that usually cause major damage to the interior, as well as the exterior of the chimney
  3. To inspect the flues that have not been in use for a while, or that are constantly used. To inspect flues
  4. The last group of people who get their flues camera inspected are those who just plain want to be proactive in the safety department

Question: How much does it cost to have my chimney video inspected?

Answer: Most flues cost right between $200.00 - $300.00, depending on its size and accessibility. The flue must be cleaned to be inspected. If a cleaning is necessary the cost will be. When your or your families safety is considered, its not only a good investment, but it can give you peace of mind.